Digital Sales Software Comparison 2020

There are so many tools out there now, it can be quite a challenge to choose the right one. We will assist you selecting the best digital sales and consulting tool for your very own situation.

Get complete control over your digital outreach, live video chat support, consulting, sales and distribution methods. Use the best tools available from A.I. voice analytics to digital contract signing and virtual reality shopping experiences. From simple yet effective tools to enterprise solutions: you will find your perfect solution here.

"We can transform our world into a healthy one. Digital and respecting natural needs. Happy clients, happy employees. Happy companies."


Consulting without media discontinuity

A good tool for selling on the Internet offers the possibility to use various software, messengers and third-party tools during the consulting session and to work with them together with the customer. The location appointment is displayed on the screen and speakers or headphones.

Digital conclusion of contracts

Various standardized procedures have been established for the online conclusion of contracts. Whether purchase contract or insurance, digital contracts completely eliminate customer visits and tedious mailings.

Big Data in real time

Clearly arranged dashboards show exactly the relevant data reduced to the essential. Superfluous data is hidden, while the complete data volume is used.

Automated messages

From automated appointment reminders to clever chatbots with artificial intelligence: largely automated communication creates free resources and optimized processes with higher ROI per lead.

Multilingualism & customization options

In order to be able to optimally advise one's own clientele, the digital distribution system should be geared precisely to them. Linguistically, visually and in terms of content. A modular, flange-mountable system with great scope for modification is the optimum for existing complex structures.

Device Independence

Digital distribution takes place on a wide variety of devices: tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone and smart TV. Everywhere CI and UX should be presented accordingly to enable an authentic experience of the own brand.

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