Co-browsing means that two or more users can share the same browser window and interact with it in real time. Powerful co-browsing tools allow only certain administrator-defined browser windows to be shared with other viewers. “Co-” means “together” as a prefix: “Browsing” means reading information without reading all information completely. This results in “Co-browsing” […]

Silent Monitoring

The term “silent monitoring” means that a supervisor can listen in silence during a consultation session without the participants being able to hear him. Silent Monitoring is clearly regulated by law in most countries (via GDPR / DSGVO in the EU) and requires the agreement of all parties involved. This feature of digital consulting tools […]


In the field of digital consultancy, a supervisor is an employee who has an overview of one or a group of consultants and can strategically analyse and control his or her colleagues who are subordinate in the hierarchy. In digital consulting software, a supervisor function is a powerful tool, since it transports a fundamental process […]


The on-boarding or on-boarding process means the phase of implementing a system, in our case the introduction of digital consultancy software. Here, existing systems must be flanged on and, if necessary, reconfigured to ensure an optimal process. While the on-boarding process is more technical in nature, Customer Success Management is concerned with the successful introduction […]

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management takes care of the successful introduction of the software into the existing system of a company’s IT-infrastructure. In contrast to on-boarding, Customer Success Management deals with the sensible use and best practices. Far too often, licenses are purchased and then not used in a target-oriented manner, as the costs of the introduction […]